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Acuptunture Therapy

Acupuncture therapy consists of the gentle insertion and stimulation of thin disposable sterile needles at points along the body’s meridians. The points are selected to elicit specific effects based on the total health picture of the patient. Acupuncture needles are typically about the width of a hair and insertion is virtually painless. In some instances you may feel nothing, in other cases you may feel warmth, tingling, heaviness or movement along a meridian. Most people find acupuncture therapy extremely relaxing. Have questions about acupuncture therapy? Call our acupuncture clinic!

Acupuncture Clinic

The Acupuncture Clinic at the Morris County Health & Wellness Center is northern New Jersey’s mostMorris County Health & Wellness Center, Acupuncture Clinic comprehensive alternative medicine clinic. Our founder and director holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and is nationally certified. She is also an expert in oriental herbology and massage, having taught massage at the Kinley Institute for Massage and Related Studies.

Some acupuncture clinics only do acupuncture. At our acupuncture clinic, we can tailor a health & wellness program for you that includes far more than just acupuncture.  We can employ a number of healing modalities according to your needs: acupuncture, massage and other body work, diet, exercise, and herbal formulas. Our alternative healing strategies complement whatever your medical doctor may be prescribing, and work alongside and in concert with traditional medical approaches. Schedule an appointment at our acupuncture clinic.

The ancient Chinese recognized a life force or energy in all living things. That force is called qi (pronounced chee). In developing an understanding of the prevention and cure of disease, these healing practitioners discovered that qi flows along specific pathways called meridians. Each pathway is linked with specific internal organs and functions. At optimal health all meridians are flowing freely and therefore the body is in balance. Disease is the result of an imbalance, either an excess or deficiency, of energy in the meridians and/or their associated organ or function. At our acupuncture clinic our practitioners are trained to identify meridian imbalances and employ their skills to correct any such imbalances. Let us answer your questions about acupuncture therapy!

Commonly Used Terms at Morris County Health & Wellness Center

Acupuncture therapy and Chinese medicine use a number of terms not often heard outside of an Acupuncture - working on acupuncture point.acupuncture clinic. Here are the definitions of a few of the terms your bound to hear.

Meridians- the Chinese have identified a system through which energy flows in the body Energy or "qi'' flows through meridians in much the same way that blood flows through blood vessels.

Acupuncture point- a point on the meridian that has a specific effect on the energy of the meridian or organ system.

Organs- you will often hear acupuncturists refer to a Liver, Kidney, Spleen or other "organ" imbalance. These terms refer to energetic as well as physical organ systems. For example, when acupuncturists say there is an imbalance in the Liver, they  may be referring to a liver disease, an emotional imbalance, or even an eye problem. Ask your acupuncturist to clarify these terms as they relate to your condition.

Five Elements or Phases- a theory describing the interaction of energetic systems in nature and in the body.Cupping - the use of suction on the skin to increase circulation in an affected area.

Moxibustion- the warming of acupuncture points using a Chinese herb with the purpose of moving qi & blood, breaking up stagnant qi, dispelling cold, eliminating damp, and warming yang.

Cupping- the use of suction on the skin to increase circulation in an affected area.

Electro-stimulation- the use of low voltage electricity during acupuncture therapy to stimulate acupuncture needles.

Have questions about acupuncture therapy? Call our acupuncture clinic!


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