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Treatment Philosophy

Morris County Health & Wellness Center, Acupuncture ClinicThe process of healing should be organic and holistic. Proper healing cannot take place if illness is thought of as separate from the person it is affecting. With this in mind, we treat each patient in the context of his or her unique environment and lifestyle. The entire focus of our examination and treatment of patients is centered on their individuality.

During initial consultation, we sit down with our patients and get to know them as people.   We discuss what is happening in their lives, the paths they chose to reach where they are in life, as well as their goals and desires and how they feel about their current life situation. This leads into a discussion of the current state of their health, medical history of themselves and their family. And the specific symptoms that have brought them to us.  In this way we attempt to get a complete picture of our patients and their needs.  We are then more able to develop a treatment plan that is most appropriate for them combining aspect of acupuncture, herbology, and other healing techniques. This emphasis on creating a total wellness plan for the patient, as opposed to a treatment plan for the symptoms, is a fundamental element of Chinese health care. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

About The Facility

The Center opened September 2003 and is located at Equity Plaza, 382 Route 46, Budd Lake on the 2nd floor (elevator service is available). Our focus is on providing patients with an individualized treatment in a comfortable setting.Our office is in compliance with the national Health Insurance Privacy & Portability Act (HIPPA). empty




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